Terms and Conditions: Dave Lintott Photography

 The original copyright of every image displayed on this site belongs to Dave Lintott Photography (or the listed copyright holder) unless specifically stated under contractual agreement to the contrary. All images are licensed for either editorial or personal use and may not be used commercially.
Images sold for personal use are not to be redistributed to third parties or reproduced in editorial, commercial or any other form that promotes any business or activity, without the explicit consent of the photographer and person(s) and/or organisation(s) depicted in the image(s) sold.

The photographer, Dave Lintott, does not accept commissions to create copyright works other than to agree to license such parts of the work selected by the photographer for presentation to the client. This overrides section 21(3) of the Copyright Act 1994 in accordance with section 21(4) of that Act.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, any images supplied, downloaded or emailed are supplied under license for use by the client only, and not for distribution to third parties for use other than any purpose discussed when engaging the purchase and/or coverage of the subject(s) depicted. Images are not supplied exclusively unless agreed in writing. Original files remain the full property of Dave Lintott Photography.

Image galleries are displayed on this site as examples of DLP work.

Any photo agency publishing images without permission from Dave Lintott Photography will incur a $450 + GST fee, per image, payable within one month of invoicing.

You may not copy or display for redistribution to third parties or for commercial purposes any photograph, image or other portion of this site without Dave Lintott Photography’s prior written permission.

Dave Lintott Photography reserves all rights in relation to recovery of images and compensation for any breach of copyright.

Any commission that is cancelled at short notice (3 working days or less notice) will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Any commission that is cancelled on the day of the shoot will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

Dave Lintott Photography does not act as freelance contributor to news media. All images and works on this site are created as artworks which are sold on the proviso that the artworks are supplied as copies for specified use. Engagement of services does not constitute ownership of time involved, nor of original unedited files or any aspects of interaction between photographer and subject, unless specifically agreed in written form before such work is undertaken.

Client download access permissions lapse  6 months after initial web gallery creation, unless extended bandwidth usage has been arranged. DLP does not curate web galleries free of charge, other than for regular clients.

Contractual image supply is available on a royalty-free basis. Contact me to discuss arrangements.

Any publication in editorial form must carry a text credit to "Dave Lintott Photography" where space and page format allows.

For privacy reasons, if you wish to share or publish any photograph you have downloaded or purchased from Dave Lintott Photography (for example, on your personal social media accounts), you must have the consent of all the identifiable individuals in that photograph. You acknowledge that use of photographs by third parties once they have been purchased or otherwise supplied is out of Dave Lintott Photography's control, despite original copyright remaining vested with Dave Lintott Photography (unless otherwise agreed in writing).

Contracted works are displayed as examples of photographic style for prospective clients, and clients engaging the services acknowledge this public display unless private galleries are requested at the time of requesting a quote or booking work.

All image edits supplied as part of work commissioned by Dave Lintott Photography are copyright Dave Lintott Photography, upon payment of agreed fee.

NZ and international privacy laws apply to any use of images, where appropriate and relevant.

 Any "Personal Use" photographs are supplied for your personal use only, and you may not sell (or otherwise commercialise), modify or create any derivative works from it.

NOTE: Many sporting organisations enforce restrictions over image rights from their events, and the available usage of such images is thus limited, and such images may not be reproduced without the consent of the related sporting body. Any sales of event imagery are bound by the event organiser's terms and conditions.


This website, its design, the photographs and all content are protected under both New Zealand and international copyright laws worldwide.

All photographs and text within http://davelintott.photoshelter.com/ are copyright Dave Lintott and/or the stated agency, client or publication and are presented for web browser viewing only. No images or content may be downloaded or copied without permission.


Nothing contained within this site may be reproduced, downloaded, stored, copied, manipulated, altered, or used in any form without prior written permission from Dave Lintott and/or the stated agency, client or publication.


No images purchased or commissioned may be redistributed to a third party or parties without the explicit consent of the photographer.

Unless otherwise stated, photo license agreements are based on one year terms (from date of supply) and require a photo credit to the Photographer / Dave Lintott Photography when printed or posted. No sub-licensing is granted to client unless explicitly granted in writing.

Using any image as the base for another illustration or graphic content is a violation of copyright and intellectual property laws. Using any image in a defamatory manner is not permitted and illegal in most jurisdictions. Any images supplied are subject to the laws of New Zealand, as well as any relevant laws relating to the country of publication.

I endeavour to treat all subjects with respect and ask the same in return.